User Friendly, Professional Design Software

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Trust ID is capable of...

  • Drag and Drop Card Building
  • Seamless Database Intergration
  • Magnetic Stripe & Smart Card Encoding
  • Integrated image capture

Key features

Instantly print professional, secure ID badges with this simple to use software. TrustID is cross compatible with any stand-alone or networked ID card printer, allowing users to easily design and print cards of any sizes. TrustID is available in three versions to suit your budget and security requirements.

  • Drag and drop card builder
  • Live preview
  • Import CSV and text database files
  • 1D and 2D bardcodes with 60+ intergrated bardcode formats
  • Pre-defined templates
  • Add Custom and composite database fields
  • Label templates and printer support
  • Full time technical support and all editions
Software FeaturesTrustID: ClassicTrustID: ProfessionalTrustID: Pro Smart
Drag and drop card builder
Single active projects
Multipe active projects
1D and 2D barcodes with 60+ integrated barcode formats
Integrated database editor
Add custom & composite database fields
Integrated image capture
Import CSV and text database files
Print to any plastic card printer
Label templates and printer support
Live preview
Double-sided printing
Batch printing
Conditional elements and layers
Maximum 200 Record Internal Database
Unlimited Record Internal Database
Integrated reporting
User account management
Password protection
Magnetic stripe encoding
Smart card encoding
MS Access connectivity
MS Excel connectivity
SQL connectivity